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Carpet Dry Cleaning

About our carpet dry cleaning services

Carpet dry cleaning is an effective and safe way to keep your carpets clean without going through the stress of the traditional steam methods. We are experts when it comes to carpet dry cleaning and employ the ultra-dry carpet cleaning system. Instead of having to spend hours waiting for your carpet to dry, which is what you’ll have to do with steam, it takes between 1 – 3 hours for your carpet to be ready for a walk on and helps prevent mildew mould from forming on your rug.

With the dry cleaning process, she will remove all the stains and dirt in your carpet and rugs, leaving them soft and clean and with a fresh and scented aroma. With our dry cleaning process, no toxic chemicals or sticky residue that will attract dust or soil will be left behind. Thus, it is exceptionally safe for pets and children, and the dry cleaning service for carpets applies to healthcare facilities and hospitals.  Most cleaning methods usually leave a sticky residue behind which attracts dirt, but not our carpet dry cleaning. This makes it a far better alternative to any method you might currently be using.

Dry cleaning your carpet will also not shrink, Browning, mildew, or fibre abrasions. All these are risks that come with other methods of carpet cleaning.

Benefits of Our Dry Carpet Cleaning System

Our carpet dry cleaning process

We adopt a thorough and detailed dry cleaning process which gives highly effective results, making sure your carpets are in great shape after cleaning. The process entails

Thorough Pre-vacuum

The first step in every job we do is to pre-vacuum, and we do this using industrial equipment capable of removing all the dry dirt and dust from your carpets and opening up its fibres so it can be easily cleaned.

Stain Pre-treatment

We apply stain removal solutions and dry cleaning products to the dirtiest parts of the carpets, which shows thoroughness in our services.

High powered Dry Cleaning Technology

We use products and equipment that will lift the stains and dirt off the carpet and restore its colour and chemical balance.

Carpet Grooming

We reset your carpet pile to ensure faster drying and prevent traffic patterns.