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Healthy Mattress Cleaning

About our Mattress Cleaning services

Yes, clean mattress matters, even more than you may think. Even though nearly one-third of our lives are spent in bed, people rarely think about cleaning mattresses. But this is one place that can host different kinds of bacteria, dust mites, pathogens, and fungi. Dust mites are microscopically small, feeding on the dead skin cells flaking off your body while sleeping. It only takes a few days for them to populate the mattress as they constantly reproduce and also leave their excrement behind on the mattress. Their excrement contains guanine, a chemical that may trigger allergic reaction health issues like eczema, sneezing, asthma, and fatigue; they are even believed to contribute to fatigue and depression.

With the likelihood of all these harms stemming from a dirty mattress, it is very important to keep your mattress clean, and you can hire us to help you do it. Cleaning your mattress every six months will improve your quality of sleep and ensure you live a healthier life.

Benefits of Mattress Cleaning

The Mattress Cleaning Process

The mattress cleaning is suitable for removing germs, dust mites, and other pathogens from your mattress. The process is as follows;

Step 1

We use a high powered industrial Kirby vacuum fitted with a HEPA filter to vacuum the mattress and remove dead skin cells, dust mites and their excrement, and any other dirt on the mattress.

Step 2

We treat The mattress with dry-cleaning solutions which break down body sweat and oils.

Step 3

We apply the Mattress Cleaning Solution to the pillow and mattress to remove mould, bacteria, germs, and dust mites. The solution is formulated to remain active after application and for about six months.

Step 4

We apply mild stain remover for the stains on pillows and mattress.