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Leather Cleaning

About our Leather Cleaning services

Keep your leather furniture and home features in great shape by patronising us. At A Plus Carpeting Cleaning Pros, we also provide leather cleaning services. This is because we understand that leather is an important material when it comes to furniture, and like all others, it gets dirty. After all, it comes in contact with human bodies, sweat, and all other forms of dirt. What makes leather different from fabrics is that it might get spoilt due to water. This means cleaning it is more complex and will require additional expertise. Fortunately, we have the expertise you are looking for. Whether it is the executive chairs in your office or the leather lounge in your home that you need to clean, you can count on us to provide exceptional service that will leave your leather furniture clean and restored to the sheen and glow that came with it when it was bought without affecting its quality.

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Leather Cleaning Process

Our leather cleaning process is a three-step tested and trusted process that is guaranteed to give your leather a new look.

Gently Clean The Leather

The first step is to apply our specially formulated leather cleaning solution while gently rubbing it with your hand so that we can release all the dirt and stains from the leather.

Protect The Leather

The final step is to apply a protector to the leather. The purpose of this is to help the material to retain its moisture, thereby preventing it from getting brittle and cracking, which is very likely to happen in a hot atmosphere.

When you use our leather cleaning services, cleaning and protecting your leather becomes synonymous because we will do both for your leather furniture. We understand how classy leather furniture can be and in some cases, how expensive too. But you don’t have to worry about your leather furniture getting spoiled which can happen if you don’t clean it or resort to using homemade solutions. We use a solution that has been tested and trusted.

Rejuvenate The Leather

We apply a conditioner that will rehydrate the leather and restore the furniture’s comfortable and soft feel.