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Mould Cleaning

About our Mould Cleaning services

Mould usually forms due to moisture, and it can damage your property if it is not cleaned on time. It can form anywhere, from your carpet to your furniture to an even more unlikely place. But it is important to deal with it as soon as you notice it before it ruins your property. The perfect way to deal with it is to call A Plus Carpet Cleaning Pros. We have experts in this sort of cleaning which will ensure that property is restored to a spick and span state and protect the recurrence of mould in that area. If that sounds great to you, then you should try out our services to enjoy the best.

Our mould treatment system has been subjected to several laboratory tests in strict conditions, and it passed. That is why it is approved by insurance providers who offer mould damage policies to consumers. Our process is not only more effective and affordable; it is also faster and more affordable. When we remove mould, rarely would you need to repaint the place because everything will be in great shape.

Benefits of Mould Cleaning

The Mould Cleaning Process

Our mould cleaning processing is simple yet thorough and will ensure complete eradication of the mould. It is as follows;

Inspection of Affected Area

We first assess the affected area to determine the scope and work required. This will help us determine the treatment option and give you a quote.

Measuring of Humidity and Moisture Levels

We measure the humidity and moisture of the area; this is because our treatment includes identification of the factors leading to the mould colonisation in the first place.

Apply Anti-Microbial Mould Treatment

We use a surfactant solution capable of tracing the moisture into their building material and treating hidden mould.

Mould Removal

Once treated, the mould and stains from mould are removed, and you’re unlikely to need repainting.

Antimicrobial misting

This is sprayed to prevent re-colonisation and treat airborne spores.