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What is the difference between steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning?

If you want your carpets cleaned and you’re thinking of which method to use, you usually have between two options. Dry cleaning or steam cleaning. The dilemma here is deciding which is best for your carpets.

The simple answer to this dilemma is that both methods are great and give your carpet similar results in terms of cleanliness. This will depend greatly on the technician handling the process, the chemicals used, and the equipment. The major difference between the two methods is the volume of water you will have to use. Here, we discuss both methods.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Process

The dry cleaning process starts with a pre-vacuum to remove all the dust and soil in the carpet. This is done using industrial equipment capable of removing all the dry dirt and dust from your carpets and opening up its fibres so it can be easily cleaned.

Once this is done, a dry cleaning solution is applied to the carpet, and the solution breaks down oil residue in the carpet, which is making the dirt stick to the carpet fibres. Doing this will make it easy to remove the dirt and stains. Then, cotton pads are soaked in hot water and placed under a rotary matching with a conditioning rinse. As the machine is spinning the pads, the dirt in the carpet will be released, and the process will go on till the carpet is cleaned. The pads may be changed multiple times within the process.

Steam cleaning

It also starts with a pre-vacuum to release all the dry soil, which will become mud when the cleaning starts. It is also called Hot Water Extraction Cleaning because hot water is injected into the carpet at high pressure and then extracted. During the extraction, the dirt will be removed with the water. It is advisable to pretreat the stains and use pre-spray for the carpet surface tension so that water will enter into its fibres well enough before extraction.

For carpet dry cleaning, the carpet will be ready to walk on within one hour, and it will generally remove more stains than any other cleaning process. On the other hand, the steam cleaned carpets might take up to a day or even more to dry because the carpet will be left extremely wet. For it to be effective, the technician must use all the right pre-sprays and extract as much water as they can from it. Proper pretreatment is necessary so that oily residues which serve as a magnet to dirt are removed, or the steam cleaning will not be effective.

In conclusion, while they are both effective, carpet dry cleaning is far better and more convenient.